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My search for a kitchen machine

So while spending a lot of time at home during the coronavirus lockdown had me noticing minor inconveniences at home, one of which was all the energy and time intensive work of chopping, blending and mixing. Asking around among friends and colleagues, I learned that instead of buying separate appliances for each of these, I would probably be better off buying a kitchen machine.

Like a good Millenial, I decided to conduct a thorough market research before committing to a purchase. Like a lot of other things in Germany, each machine on the market came with a whole list of included and optional accessories. After some research, I narrowed down my search to include the following must-have accessories:

  • Durchlaufschnitzler
  • Edelstahl-Rührschüssel
  • Knethaken Metall
  • Raspelwendescheibe
  • Reibscheibe mittelfein
  • Rühr-/ Schlagbesen
  • Schneidwendescheibe

And so the search began. Top recommendations were the well-known KitchenAid, Kenwood and Bosch machines, so I decided to narrow down my research to these brands.




My recommendation: th MUM5 Creationline 58420 machine.